We have all of your computer repair needs covered. We repair Windows PCs, Apple Macs and all makes of laptop. Computers have a habit of failing at the worst times. We are here to get you back up and running with minimal fuss in the quickest of times. Hard Drives (HDDs) are a common component to fail, and we like to replace these with faster more stable Solid State Drives (SSDs) when possible. Power Supplies(PSUs), are also fairly common to fail, and replacing these can be sorted in the quickest of fashions.


At MCS, we have developed a tried and tested routine to increase the performance and longevity of your computer. Services should ideally be performed at least once a year and usually only take around an hour to complete. This service can be completed either in our specialised workshop or in the comfort of your own home/premises.


At MCS, we can supply all IT related software and hardware. From new laptops and nearly new computers, too monitors, printers, wireless devices and storage devices. From Operating systems and Office packages, to Security and editing software. You can have peace of mind that we only supply goods that we would be happy using ourselves! You will not purchase from us, an inadequate computer, software package or IT equipment that is not of high standard and quality!


You can’t always find what you’re looking for in a pre-built manufactured machine. For this reason we specialise in making tailored machines for your individual requirements. We don’t install bloated software on any of our machines. We deliver fast, reliable computers that can be suited to all users.


No matter what the problem is with your hard drive or removable media, we can help! We have solutions to recover files which are lost through a variety of ways; from deleted data to formatted hard drives. Even if the hard drive has totally failed, we can offer a solution to retrieve lost data. Replacing your computer? We can transfer all your personal data from your old PC, laptop or Mac, to your new equipment.


MCS are pleased to offer everyone the opportunity to learn more about personal computing in the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to educate and encourage those who want or need to learn more.


Want more from your computer? At MCS, our technicians have the experience and knowledge to advise and implement any upgrades you might need or want. Faster Solid State Drives (SSDs) replace slower, unreliable Hard Drives (HDDs). Memory (RAM) and Operating systems are other common upgrades.


We know how important your devices are to you. MCS have solutions to repair mobile devices to the highest standards. Smashed screens, speakers and faulty batteries are common replacements. Setting up e-mail and cloud solutions are also regular practises, as are resets to the devices.


Our remote support service offers a quick fix for day to day PC problems. As long as your computer can still get online, we should be able to fix your PC remotely within a matter of minutes.


At MCS we are partnered with ESET to offer you the most robust technology against viruses. ESET detection technology is trusted by over 100 million users the world over. Pop-ups? unexplained issues with websites? Slow internet usage when you have a fast connection? Cannot login to your computer or sites? Malware is the most common cause for computer software issues. We can remove the issues and advise on future protection and use.


Whether you are moving or just adding new equipment, MCS can set everything up for you. Our friendly team are here to help you.


MCS have all your network solutions covered. Extending a network? Low WiFi signals? Whether it’s for sharing files, printers, the internet or playing games between two or more PCs, we can make a network that’s right for you. We can also offer guidance on the better broadband suppliers for your area.