Cloud Backup

Our backup and disaster recovery service includes both local and cloud-based server recovery, as well as continuous backup, ensuring that your backup data is never more than minutes old.

Our Backup and Disaster Prevention Services

Businesses frequently have a plethora of backup systems that are incompatible with one another, which means that when a back-up is required for quick business continuity planning, the process takes a long time to manage – potentially costly and damaging to the business, not least in terms of its reputation.

Our IT backup and disaster recovery technology not only provides a cost-effective solution, but it also has a number of unique features that allow you to restore a full server image either onsite (with on-premise hardware) or in the cloud (with a full off-site replica).

If your firm suffers an environmental disaster, such as a flood or fire, we can provide access from a hot site, which is an off-premises location where your company’s work may continue during a disaster and has all the essential equipment for your company to restart normal operations.

It’s projected that 60% of businesses that lose data would fail within six months. Only one-third of firms review their data backups, and only three-quarters of those are deemed to be functional. With just one click, your company’s entire system can be infected with malware.

Your business is safeguarded by world-class business continuity technology, with recovery times measured in minutes rather than days.

A cyber assault can damage your organisation if you don’t have a good backup and disaster recovery strategy in place, either financially or in terms of unwanted media and customer relations.

Benefits of using cloud-based technology

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    For optimal data recovery, back up your complete system’s data every 15 minutes.
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    Have you back up and running in 30 minutes after a server loss or disaster?
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    Store your data on-premises and in our secure and private data centre with independent backups.
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    By keeping your data with the best encryption available, you can ensure maximum data security.
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    Keep your business up and running with a recovery site even if your server goes down

What are the benefits?

Off-site Backups

Off-site cloud backups in an ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant datacenter.

Local Backups

Having a local backup for quick restore is the most important thing to keep people working.

Full Machine Backups

We set all backups to Full Machine Backups so that we’re able to restore the whole machine instead of having to rebuild it.

Customise your Disaster Recovery

You’re able to customise the frequency of backups and establish the best backup times for your business.

Your Companies Compliance

We’re here to keep you compliant with the certifications like Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.


Other backup solutions can be costly. We work hard to keep your costs down when backing up your data

E-mail Spam Protection

With an email spam filter, you can protect yourself from email-borne threats.

Microsoft 365 Security

Customized security for your company.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Microsoft 365 is the most popular cloud-based comprehensive productivity suite in the business.

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