Advanced Email Threat Protection

With an email spam filter, you can protect yourself from email-borne threats.

Why do you need an E-mail Spam Filter?

Today’s IT security requires an excellent email spam filter. Spam email is a serious danger to productivity, performance, and security. Spam reduces employee productivity by clogging mailboxes, degrades network performance by wasting bandwidth, and raises the cost of your mail management system.

Spam’s greatest significant threat, though, is in its content. Currently, 91% of hacking assaults start with phishing or spear-phishing – email-borne dangers that are wreaking havoc on corporate security all over the world.

MCS delivers an all-in-one cloud-based service that offers superior email spam protection when you’re looking for a superior email spam filter to mitigate the hazards posed by spam.

MCS’s security, archiving, and continuity solutions are all integrated into a single cloud platform to deliver comprehensive email risk management in a single subscription package. You can simply decrease the risk, complexity, and cost associated with email management solutions.

With inbound filtering, you can stop spam and malware

To protect you from email-borne risks, MCS filters and sanitises every email before it is delivered to your mail server. MCS offers you with the finest possible level of protection by using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link prevention, reputation checks, and other measures.

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    Block Advanced Threats
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    Protect Outbound Email and Stop Data Leaks
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    Keep Your Data Safe with Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
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    Stay Compliant with Tamper-Proof Email Archiving
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    Automate Incident Response and Get Access to Threat Insights

What are the benefits?

Detect threats that email gateways can’t

Traditional email security solutions can’t detect threats, but our software can. It works hand-in-hand with Microsoft Office 365 APIs to detect threats from both inside and outside the company. It employs artificial intelligence to detect signals of criminal intent and fraud in every email sent, requiring little or no IT management.

Discover threats hiding in your inbox right now

Malicious emails are found in 98 percent of Office 365 enterprises’ mailboxes. Find out about email security threats before your users do.

Get access to threat intelligence and automate incident response

No email defence can guarantee that it will protect you from every email threat 100 percent of the time. When malicious email is delivered to a user’s inbox, you must act promptly to resolve the issue. Manual incident response systems that are slow and inefficient all too often allow the attack to spread farther.


Other solutions can be costly. We work hard to keep your costs down when protecting your business.

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Microsoft 365 Security

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Cloud Solutions

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