Security Audit

With our auditing services, you will get a detailed view of your present security situation.

How can a Cyber Security Audit help your business?

A cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive examination and analysis of your company’s IT systems.

We can identify flaws and gaps in your infrastructure and assess whether your cybersecurity precautions are enough.

Our audit includes all of the core security Cyber Essentials Badgecontrols of the UK government-designed and endorsed Cyber Essentials standard, as well as additional controls learned over years of defending organisations like yours.

Who is it designed for?

Organizations that have not yet identified their internal and external risks and vulnerabilities can benefit from cybersecurity audits. It’s also important for firms that are expanding and deploying new software and security procedures.

In the event of a breach that leads in data being exploited, regulations such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can impose severe penalties. The security audit will aid in mitigating the effects of a breach and demonstrating that your company has taken the required precautions to protect the client’s information.

What we cover in your Security Audit

To pass the exam, you must show that you are protected in the five categories listed below:

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    Router/Firewall review: Your firewall, also known as a UTM, is the guardian of your company’s network. We examine the technology and configuration to guarantee that it is both functional and effective in securing your company’s data and communications.
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    Antivirus/endpoint security review: Our evaluation ensures that endpoint protection is performing its job of protecting your users by verifying that it is handled efficiently and updated on a regular basis.
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    User account security: 90% of cyber attacks begin with the theft of user account credentials. We’ll look at whether you have centrally controlled and implemented user account policies, as well as other security features such as multifactor authentication.
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    Remote access review: VPNs and RDP sessions break down your security barriers. We’ll go through the advantages of the technology in use, as well as who has access to what.
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    Wi-Fi security review: We’ll look at each Wi-Fi network’s security configuration, purpose, and amount of access, as this is one of the weakest areas in secure communications.
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    Endpoint and server patching review: Because security vulnerabilities in apps and operating systems are constantly evolving, the only way to keep ahead is to patch your workstations on a regular basis. We’ll look at how effective patching schedules and systems are.
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    Email and collaboration tools security: Unauthorized access to personally identifiable information and intellectual property should be avoided. We examine your email and cloud productivity tool settings to check that access is properly controlled and that external communication is protected against man-in-the-middle or spoofing attacks.
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    Cloud application security: Although the cloud-based lines of business applications can enable access to communication channels with stakeholders and company data, access to them should be monitored and restricted. Our examination will provide an overview of the existing state of affairs as well as the choices available to improve the security of these systems’ access.

Cyber Essentials

With Cyber Essentials inspection and certification, you can better understand your risk and take steps to defend your company from threats.

Cyber Security

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Fully Managed IT customers have access to our comprehensive security solution.

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