Cyber Security Services

Protecting your business from the inside and out. And safeguarding you against the latest threats.

Cyber Security

Identify your security holes.

MCS are here to lessen both the threat and the worry. We keep up to date on all threat intelligence and put in place the best security measures tailored to your business requirements.

Human mistake is responsible for 90% of cyber data breaches, which is why we believe employee security awareness training should be a fundamental component of any cybersecurity plan. Your staff, after all, are the first line of defence against security risks.

We assist you in assessing your present cybersecurity risk following a thorough cybersecurity audit of your systems. Then we put in place security measures to secure your company and devise a compliance management strategy.

Our technicians use risk management to limit the chances of someone having unauthorised access to your critical data.

Why choose MCS to manage your IT solutions

The list of risks is endless, from social engineering to malicious software to ransomware assaults to data breaches. Unfortunately, dealing with these dangers on your own can be overwhelming, putting your sensitive data at risk.

We build a clear plan to relocate risks and guarantee your organisation complies with the newest compliance laws by first assessing your security posture.

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    Give your team lessons on how to spot malicious activity and how to defend themselves from them.
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    Filtering for spam and viruses in emails to eliminate potentially harmful emails.
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    Install and update anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and antivirus software on a regular basis.
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    During cyber security audits, conduct penetration testing and network scans.
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    Assist with the creation of an IT Security Policy that meets your company’s needs as well as current data protection regulations.

Our additional features with Remote IT Support

MCS offers a number of services that can be added to the remote monitoring and management solution. MCS are here to help.

Fully Managed Cyber Security

A comprehensive managed Cybersecurity service designed to meet your company’s demands and strengthen its security posture.

Security Audit

With our auditing services, you may get a detailed view of your present security situation. We can identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your infrastructure based on the results of this risk assessment. We’ll also check to determine if the security measures in place are adequate.

Cyber Essentials

Basic cybersecurity protection against the most common cyber threats and security issues at a low cost.

Cyber Essential Plus

Cyber Essential Plus includes a range of internal and external, independently certified assessments that cover the first audit, remedial measures, and certification.

Cyber Essentials

With Cyber Essentials inspection and certification, you can better understand your risk and take steps to defend your company from threats.

Security Audit

With our auditing services, you will get a detailed view of your present security situation.

Managed Security Services

Fully Managed IT customers have access to our comprehensive security solution.

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