Managed Cyber Security Services

Fully Managed IT customers have access to our comprehensive security solution.

Protect your company from cyber threats and weaknesses, and enjoy total peace of mind

When it comes to cybercrime, the size of your company doesn’t matter; in fact, small and medium businesses account for over half of all cyber-attacks (SMBs).

We can assist you if you are concerned that your organisation does not have the appropriate security measures in place or if you require cybersecurity risk management guidance.

What can MCS do for you?

Our carefully chosen solutions work together to educate your workforce, assess cybersecurity risk on a regular basis, and further defend potential attack vectors.

To ensure that your business works smoothly, we scan your infrastructure on a regular basis to guarantee that any vulnerabilities are identified and addressed to reduce risk.

Human mistake is responsible for 90% of cyber data breaches, which is why we believe employee security awareness training should be a fundamental component of any cybersecurity plan. Your staff, after all, are the first line of defence against security risks!

The Cyber Essentials certification process

To pass the exam, you must show that you are protected in the five categories listed below:

How does MCS benefit your company?

We don’t just keep your computer network secure; we go above and above. We believe that education is the most effective weapon in the battle against cybercrime, and we work hard to increase your employees’ security awareness.

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    Staff education on how to recognise and protect themselves from phishing attempts.
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    The ISO 27001 accreditation shows that you’ve recognised the risks, analysed the consequences, and implemented systemized controls to keep the company safe.
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    The Cyber Essentials Plus certification shows clients that you work in a safe and secure environment, and it guarantees that you will meet all technical security control standards set forth by an independent auditor.
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    Risk management and comprehensive cyber security
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    Increased system and information reliability and security
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    Increased consumer and business partner trust
Cloud Storage

Security Audit

With our auditing services, you will get a detailed view of your present security situation.

Cyber Essentials Plus

With Cyber Essentials inspection and certification, you can better understand your risk and take steps to defend your company from threats.

Cyber Security

Protecting your business from the inside and out. And safeguarding you against the latest threats.

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