IT Audit

No company should be running non-compliant hardware or software.

Legacy Hardware and Software

Our audit finds all gaps in your infrastructure and tests to see if you’re in compliance with the cyber essentials standards

MCS are able to highlight the issues in your current system and suggest improvements. If you find that you’re computer is slow or you’re waiting for applications to load, an IT audit is the best way to figure out why it’s happening.

Making the necessary changes now will help you save time and money in the future by ensuring that your systems are aligned with your future business plans.

Why choose MCS to manage your IT solutions

At MCS, we invest heavily into training our staff on the latest solutions so that we can provide you, the end-user with the best support possible.

Our partnerships with Microsoft, Acronis, Bitdefender and ESET allow us to provide the solution that is right for you.

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    Risk-Free – Contract or no Contract we support all businesses.
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    Fast Support – We are monitoring computers under our RMM 24/7 and will call if we detect any issues.
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    Secure – Security is our number one priority for all clients.
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    Strategic – Consultancy to give a clear IT roadmap and budget.
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    Established – Providing IT Support to Businesses and Domestic since 2004

What are the benefits?

What do we check when performing an IT audit?

Password Policy

Making sure that your password policy is strong and enabling MFA for your accounts.

Mobile Management

Making sure that your BYOD that are being used are compliant to your policies.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Making sure that the backup plan works with your business and potential issues.

Firewall Security

Checking through your firewall open ports and locking down access that isn’t required.

Keeping you Compliant

We’re here to keep you compliant with the certifications like Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.


Staying up to date keeps the costs of your support down.

Apple Mac Repair 

MCS are able to repair most Apple devices. So if you’ve smashed the screen of your iPhone or the battery is failing on your MacBook. We’re able to help.

Remote IT Support

MCS are provide remote support to all our customers as part of our support contracts. If you’re in need of one time remote support, no problem! MCS is here to help

Domestic IT Support

Needing support with your computer at home? MCS provides on-site, remote and in office support for those that are having computer issues.

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