Video Creation DNS Management DDoS Protection, for everyone

01. What is DNS

Domain Naming Service (DNS) establishes the correspondence between the domain name of your site (e.g : and the IP address where it is hosted (e.g : 123.456.78.910) on the Internet. A DNS server is a machine which makes this correspondence.

02. DNS server support

To be active on the Internet, a domain name must have at least one DNS server. However, it is advised, and sometimes mandatory, to have two or more DNS servers to take advantage of redundancy (if one of the servers becomes unavailable), thus ensuring permanent availability of a domain name.

03. Zone configuration

Depending on your needs, it may be necessary to set the domain’s DNS configuration to make it point to a specific IP address or define mail servers. These settings are manageable in the control panel and allow to change DNS records such as A, MX, TXT, CNAME, …, or SOA records (TTL, refresh, ….).

DDoS Protection

Our fast, globally distributed and intelligent protection against DDoS attacks protect your site from unwanted downtime. All of our managed DNS packages as of January 2020 will be setup through our protected network for greater security.