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Understand your risks and take action to protect your organisations data across all devices with our Data Security Audit

Understand Your Current Position

The first stage in securing your organisations data, is conducting a data security audit. A data security audit will highlight any areas of your business, processes and technologies which are vulnerable to attack, exploitation or risk data breach simply because of human error. We conduct annual data security audits on all of our clients networks and devices to ensure your data is safe.

What we do

MCS work with our clients to implement internationally recognized data security standards. ISO 27001, ISO27002, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

We provide our clients with the specification and tools required to implement and maintain an information security management system otherwise known as an ISMS.

An ISMS is a systematic approach consisting of people, processes and technology that helps you protect and manage all your organization’s information assets through simple but comprehensive risk management solutions.

Our Audit Process

1. Scoping Meeting

During the scoping meeting, we get to know your business, IT infastructure and your future expansion plans to ensure we tune our audit to be as relevant to your business as possible.

You can book your scoping meeting at a time and date that suits you.

2. Carry out Audit

Using the latest tool, process and techniques, our IT Technicians will carry out a physical audit and inventory of your IT systems and technology.

3. Present Findings

Our strategey team will review the results of your audit and we will write a detailed report to present you with our recommended data security strategy.

This document will report on how closely your information security management systems and processes are aligned with the most common international data security standards. We will ensure your business dtat is protected and ready for your future expansion plans. The end goal is to highlight areas of you IT security management system which may need upgraded.


  • Your Details

Whats Covered In The Audit

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Backup Coverage
  • Recovery Time
  • Cyber Security
  • Remote Access
  • Firewall Security
  • Updates & Patch Status
  • Email, Intranet & File Sharing
  • Internet Access
  • Telephony
  • Infrastructure
  • Information Asset Register
  • Risk Register
  • Business Applications
  • Cabling
  • Hardware, Age & Warranty
  • Software Standardisation
  • Password Policy
  • Licensing